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Warren J. Reingold, M.D.


Warren J. Reingold, M.D. is one of the most experienced eye surgeons in Los Angeles. He has performed thousands of vision correction procedures and has helped save the vision of thousands of patients worldwide. Dr. Reingold was the featured LASIK surgeon on The Discovery Channel because he improves the lives of LASIK patients on a daily basis. With so much positive influence on people's lives, Dr. Reingold considers himself one of the luckiest people in the world.

Who is Dr. Reingold?

Growing up, Dr. Warren Reingold has seen first hand how a doctor should care for his patients. He learned this from his father Dr Herbert Reingold. Today, like his father before him, Dr. Warren Reingold's first concern is the quality of health care he provides his patients.

After graduating from the University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School in Illinois, Dr. Reingold returned to his native California where he was accepted into a special internship for ophthalmologists at the Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center (LAC/USC). This was followed by a three-year residency in ophthalmology, where he was chief resident during his final year, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in affiliation with USC School of Medicine and the Doheny Eye Institute, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and Stanford University in Palo Alto. In addition, he has served as an assistant clinical professor of ophthalmology, and has taught ophthalmologists ophthalmic surgery for more than 15 years.

Interestingly, while still an intern, Dr. Reingold was confronted by a unique case that baffled the entire Los Angeles County/ University of Southern California Medical Center. Ultimately he diagnosed the problem as a parasite brought to Catalina Island by Portuguese sailors more than 500 years ago. His discoveries led to the publication of a landmark paper in the prestigious American Journal of Ophthalmology on a specific form of conjunctivitis endemic to Catalina.

More recently Dr. Reingold also played a central role in stopping the spread of a unique form of retinitis caused by a virus that had left thousands of people blind. His efforts contributed to determining which antiviral agents might effectively stop the disease. He also helped develop a surgically implanted medication delivery device used in the treatment of intraocular diseases. Dr. Reingold's efforts have helped save the sight of thousands of people around the world.


Dr. Reingold continues to evolve as a refractive surgeon, offering his patients a wide selection of vision correction options, including LASIK, laser vision correction, and implantable lenses for those who are not candidates for LASIK.
Dr Reingold currently offers his patients standard LASIK, Custom LASIK, IntraLase ('all-laser, no blade LASIK), PRK and advanced surface ablation to name a few. With seven lasers to choose from, and many additional vision correction options available, we will find the technology best suited for your personal needs.

With more than 20 years of surgical lens implant experience, Dr Reingold is excited to offer two new additional techniques for vision correction:
First, with the recent FDA approval of the Intraocular contact lenses (ICL), Dr Reingold can now help patients who are not presently a candidate for LASIK; those with irregular or thin corneas, high myopia and hyperopia and some other problems. This lens, similar to a contact lens, is surgically implanted inside of the eye, between the iris and lens. The normal observer cannot see it. Secondly, for patients with cataracts, Dr Reingold offers the multifocal intraocular lens (IOL). Following removal of the patients natural lens, this surgically implanted lens allows the option of seeing both far and near or intermediate distance without the use of glasses.

For those over 40 years of age, have good distance vision, but choose to decrease their dependency on reading glasses, Dr. Reingold offers LASIK monovision, as well as CK reading vision. Less invasive and faster than LASIK, CK alters the shape of the cornea using special radio frequency waves, allowing near/reading vision.

Dr. Reingold on the Discovery Channel

If you have ever watched the Discovery channel, or Discovery Health channel, you may have already seen Dr. Reingold. He was one of the first doctors in the country to perform LASIK on an adult with congenital nystagmus, a procedure that was featured on the Discovery Channel. A touching story documenting the visual obstacles of a patient with several visual handicaps, Stephen's life is changed when he undergoes the LASIK procedure with a new laser feature: a 'tracker'. Congenital nystagmus causes the eyes to shake uncontrollably. Utilizing technology by re-aiming the laser several thousand times a second, the new 'tracker' allows the shaking eye to be followed by the laser. As a result of this successful procedure, Dr Reingold has forever improved Stephen's life in many, many ways.

Dr. Reingold is a board certified ophthalmologist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology, and a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. A frequent lecturer at medical conferences, he also serves as a consultant to KCBS news on issues relating to the eyes. Aside from his professional career, Dr Reingold is an avid sailor, tennis player, and photographer and enjoys adventure traveling.

Dr Reingold offers two convenient locations: Beverly Hills and Valley Village/ North Hollywood. Currently he is on the staff of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, St. Joseph Medical Center, Motion Picture Hospital, Sherman Oaks Community Hospital, and Encino-Tarzana Medical Center.

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