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Dr. Reingold explained in very basic terms what the cataract and the corrective procedure is, laid out my options, and I never looked back. No pun intended. The procedure went smoothly and quickly, and my new left "bionic" (my word) eye is awesome. Thank you, Dr. Reingold!


I've had a very good experience with Dr.Reingold and his staff. They're friendly, punctual, and caring. My eye surgery went very well and I will definitely recommend this office to family and friends.


I was referred to Dr Reingold by an optometrist who had the same eye issue I was experiencing. He was pleasant and clear with his explanations and my choices. He asked for, and answered, my questions accurately and thoroughly. The office was efficient and well run. I was comfortable with the entire experience.


The staff and office can't be nicer and more informed. Dr Reingold has always been professional and caring. He answers all questions and helps make decisions on cataract choices.


I can see without glasses, and it is life changing!

From the young age of eight I began a tedious journey of wearing glasses. It was not a easy road growing up with them. Recently in my early forties I would come to find out through a yearly eye exam that I had developed two cataracts. Never once did I think I would have cataracts in my 40's, most would assume they would come later in life.

Finally, the time had come to have the surgeries. I was very nervous and unsure of what the outcome would be. I would have the right eye done first. Then two weeks following, the left. With a high astigmatism in both eyes, I never could see very well without any type of glasses. Within a few days after each surgery, it was life changing. I can see without glasses, thanks to Dr Reingold and my two new toric lenses. I never thought this day would be possible.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks to Dr. Reingold and his wonderful team. The care and support I received and continue to receive is well beyond compare to anything I have ever known.

Dr. Reingold is best!