LASIK Surgery Experts

Glasses and/or contact lenses to correct your vision have become a thing of the past in Los Angeles. Reingold Eye Center, with its team of LASIK surgeons, offers the latest in vision correction technologies; LASIK is a refractive procedure that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by reshaping the front surface of the cornea. LASIK can significantly improve eyesight and reduce the need for glasses and/or contact lenses, allowing individuals the freedom to enjoy life.

A close up of an eye with a pink ring around it

How does LASIK correct Vision?

Understanding how refractive surgery improves vision requires a basic knowledge of how the eye focuses light. Light bends as it passes through a curved surface, a process called refraction. In your eye, the two main refractive surfaces are the outer surface, the cornea, and the lens inside the eye. These two, along with the eye's other internal structures, work together to focus light on the retina in the back of the eye. The cornea provides most of the focus as light passes through it before being fine-tuned by the lens. If the light is not focused correctly on the retina, a blurry image is sent to the brain.

Dr. Reingold Offers the Latest LASIK Technology!

Dr. Reingold offers three of the latest LASIK technology procedures: Intralase (Bladefree, “all laser LASIK”), Allegretto (Wavelight), and Visx (CustomVue).